Experts in Design and Construction of Commercial Buildings, Custom Homes, and Remodels

We are a full-stack builder with the knowledge and experience to serve you from design to move-in.

All you need is your idea. Is it a dream you’ve had for a business since you were young, like a Dr. Seuss-themed café with cats in hats riding around on Roombas mowing down tiny truffula trees? Or maybe you bought a mid-century house that’s perfect, except for all the ways it seriously needs to come into this century? Do you want to build a glass yoga studio with exposed beams so you can hang from the rafters on aeriel silks?

Before you call an architect or home designer, call Burgundy Builders. With over 23 years in residential construction and commercial project management, we have all the skills to work with you to value-engineer the spatial planning, design, and structural considerations to give you the most cost-efficient project. From a design concept that creates a synergy of space and textures to post-construction home maintenance, Burgundy Builders will guide you through every step of the construction process.

The First Step Is A Phone Call

Call us up and tell us what you want to do. If we can help, we'll come meet with you at the site. If you want to build a custom home or commercial building, showing us the bare lot will let us see the topography, driveway possibilities, water run-off patterns, potential for a scenic view, and seasonal directions of shade so we can explain the costs and benefits of building new. With a remodel, walking through the existing home gives us insight into what's possible. We will give you great ideas to add to your own and a price estimate.

So what do you want to do?

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