Burgundy Builders Origin Story

When did you first feel your purpose calling?

In my experience, your desire to build a custom home or business is fueled by your calling and the things about you that make you unique. What do you value in life? What do you love about yourself? What do you believe in? I am fascinated by your unique vision and passionate about bringing your dream of a quality, signature construction that reflects it to life. 

I was first captivated by man's primal drive to build and the legacy it leaves of who they were and what they believed in when I crossed the ocean to do an exchange year studying architecture in Paris. My father was from Bourgogne, France, or Burgundy in English, and my history and heritage were on my mind. I was inspired by the possibilities of structures as creative reflections of our lives and the legacy of centuries of the human drive to build them, as varied and interesting as we are, monuments to who we are, what we love and believe in.

When I finished my B.S. in Business Management from UC Berkeley, I trekked to Africa to discover the mysteries of ancient civilizations revealed in the structures left behind. In Egypt I felt the first summons of my call to adventure. You know that feeling of recognizing a worthy purpose, that resonates with your passions and skills? I came back knowing I wanted to learn how to build a house.

I bought a toolbelt and started as an apprentice with a small, residential builder. My parents were mad at me for shelving my Degree, but I was following my calling. I went to work for a builder in the want ads and found I liked being outside, working with my hands. In 1995 a mentor who taught me framing, brought me out to Idaho and reminded me how much I know. I hung out my shingle, built one house and never looked back. I was hooked on the process of physically creating something of solid value from raw materials and the sense of accomplishment when it’s done.

In the process of mastering the mechanics, I learned I love being a trusted partner in serving people’s dreams. I truly enjoy the collaboration process of bringing their visions of their ideal place to live their best lives and create their legacy to life. It’s a beautiful thing when a building comes together to be a unique expression of someone, a support of their  lifestyle, and monument to their taste and values. When it’s done right, it reflects and reminds you of your highest self. The happiness my clients feel when it all comes together is an amazing feeling.

Consistently winning awards in the Parade of Homes, we built our company to grossing about $8 million a year and supporting 12 employees when the housing crash of 2008 hit. In life as in building, you have to be prepared for setbacks. I hadn’t defaulted on a single payment or debt, and here I was swept up by the sinkhole of the market. It was an unexpected, unavoidable sidetrack.

As I do with setbacks in building, I regrouped, made a new plan, and took action. We moved to Texas. I got a job with a custom-builder in Westlake until I learned everything about how it’s done differently here. I was happy doing what I loved again, but it was painful watching the company owners make mistakes and treat their customers poorly, knowing I always did and could continue to do so much better.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and the work I love on my journey. The things that make me unique make me the best at what I do. Building brings together my left-brained skill of being highly analytical of the details, of which there are many in building the perfect home, and my right-brained talent for big-idea vision of distinctive home design. It also gives me a worthy cause to be passionate about and to be an outlet for my integrity.

We chose the name Burgundy Builders to honor where we are from, and to stake our name on what we do. Building is legacy. You’re always creating yours; the question is with how much intention?

My clients aren’t going for a default unremarkable life. They are going for their best stories, pursuing their purpose with passion and courage.

I know how emotional it is to conceive and create a home or business, how fulfilling to complete a structure that is not only a unique expression of who you are but a bolster of it daily. Let’s build your legacy together.

Christian Bourguignon
Founder, Designer/Builder

Owner Christian Bourguignon offers next-level skills and experience.

  • State Board of Directors for The Building Contractors Association for over 10 years
  • First-place winner in all seven categories of Parade of Homes, including “Best in Show”
  • Acquisitions, development and facilities management - US Bank, Idaho division
  • Commercial project management - Berrios Construction, Inc. San Francisco, CA
  • Over 23 years in residential construction and management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, UC Berkeley
  • Recipient of multiple design and construction awards