Remodel Design and Construction

Are you considering a remodel?

Maybe you want to bang out that old dusty sunroom where your neighbor always sneezes, mentioning the “smell of old wood,” and replace it with a salon to rival Gertrude Stein’s that will have everyone begging for an invite instead of making excuses like “my cat has the hiccups.”

Or maybe you want an entertainment room big enough for your company’s Christmas party to have karaoke for Sharon far enough away from the billiards table where the rest of the staff will be, and a slide that goes from the window into your pool for when she starts to sing “What About Love?”

The #1 reason people choose to remodel

is to upgrade their comfort and enjoyment in their homes. Don’t wait until it’s time to sell to create a space people would love.

We are Experts in Design and Construction of Remodels

My customer Steve had a problem with the cabinet layout of his kitchen, how closed off it was to the rest of the living area. He thought he just needed new cabinets and to tear down a wall. I pointed out how he could solve more problems with the flow of traffic, kitchen size, and functionality – a big improvement with just a little more work. We made the kitchen 5 feet bigger, re-configured the pantry, and addressed the issue of privacy of their master bedroom opening up to the main area by adding a vestibule leading into it.

Steve says in the testimonial below, “The kitchen being too small required a bigger design solution than we had anticipated, and Christian was able to do it singlehandedly. He thought of some things that were absolutely brilliant. The house is so much more beautiful and functional, and we have more memorable quality time there together.”

Because I’m a custom home builder, I bring experience of the big picture of a home, its function and flow. I see the full potential and make things even better than you imagine. We begin with clarity by creating a well-defined budget and schedule. Next, we take all of your great ideas and make them fit. During construction we keep you informed and quickly facilitate any decisions and changes that need to be made. In the end, you will have the home you already love, enhanced by your vision of how to make it ideal.

Don’t waste precious memory-making years in an unsatisfactory space.

Give us a call today.

Remodel Design and Construction