Custom Homes

Your Experts in Design and Construction of Custom Homes

You want to build your own home

- one that is new and unique to you, as fascinating and original as you are.

Maybe it’s because you saw a home design show of a modern house subtly nestled into a peaceful landscape letting all the light in that sparked something in you. Or you have always dreamed of a modern-day take on a treehouse inspired by your love of Swiss Family Robinson. Maybe it’s because no track-home builders can satisfy your need to have the right space for your wine collection or even just some interesting variation on your fixtures. Or maybe it’s just that cookie-cutter homes make you feel drained and uninspired.

What’s your style? Traditional, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Barndominimum, Modern, Farmhouse, Spanish, Waterfront, French Quarter, English Castle, or something else?

We get your need to feed that primal drive to build a home that is a distinctive reflection of who you are. We know it can be a daunting process from finding the right builder to everything that might go wrong in between. Questions come up “Will I make all the important considerations? and Will my builder have my back and know how to execute?” You may even be tempted to decide it’s too big a job and maybe you’ll just buy a production home. There isn’t near as much individuality possible, but it’s cheaper and easier.

Don’t give up on your dream. You want that home that supports your best life. You only have one chance to write this story, and all you have is now. We know how to walk you step-by-step through the process.

Your First Step

The #1 mistake I see people make that I want to prevent is they go to an architect or a designer first. If you go to an architect first, and then a builder, you could end up with plans that won’t fit your budget. I’ve seen people go through this and it cost tens of thousands more to re-draw their plans or get so discouraged they sell their lot.

Come to us first

Because we design and build, we can take your ideas and provide feedback about the best way to build your dream home within your budget. In Burgundy Builders’ proactive pre-construction process, we address the key elements to prepare plans and specifications that reflect your dream for your new home. We manage the team and all aspects of the pre-construction process: design, cost forecasting, gathering budget proposals from other team members, and creating the starting estimated cost and budget. You receive a detailed contract and our time-management software ensures ensures we meet your deadline. With all mutual expectdetail-oriented c better plans and specifications, value engineering, budget management and cost control, your end result will be the smoothest jounrney to creating your distinctive home at the best possible price. 

Step 2

is getting underway with construction. We keep everyone happy on a tight ship in this phase by exercising tight control of the team, guiding each member through their work; using systems and tools that facilitate the most effective communication between the team members, making the entire process smoother and more cost-effective; and making your comfort our highest priority, ensuring you know that with Burgundy Builders you have an honest, caring, and conscientious builder who will always advocate for your best interests.

The Final Step 

The best part is when we hand you the keys to your dream home, the best part. Burgundy Builders walk you through for your final customer acceptance and completion of any fine-tuning. We provide additional fine tuning of items after 60 days, conduct a complete 60-day inspection, and continue to manage the customer service experience during the remaining first year of occupancy.

Custom Homes